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Travis Schiaffo surrendered his license after admitting to smoking pot on a Caribbean vacation in 2011.

NOAA says when discrepancies appear in different versions of tide books, trust their website for the most accurate, up-to-date predictions of tides.

Larry Phares, KDLG

Surveillance video captured Brendon E. Ramey, 21, as he broke into the Dillingham restaurant and swiped $380 from the register last Wednesday.

All photos by Carl Johnson / http://www.carljohnsonphoto.com/

Freelance photographer Carl Johnson hopes to raise $20,000 through the crowdfunding site to help tell the story of Bristol Bay through photos.

Some work is underway on what could become a roughly $8 million dollar, several year plan to bring the facility into compliance with the DEC and EPA.

Efforts to continue removing PCB-contaminated soil from USAF sites planned through the summer season.

Active, 24, of Togiak, has been arrested and arraigned for the grisly murder of an elderly couple and sexual assault of a 2 year girl in Anchorage.

Carl Johnson

28,808 tons of fish were hauled in, the highest total harvest in some 20 years, with both gear groups catching over 90% of their quotas.

Travis Schiaffo surrendered his license to serve as a law enforcement officer in Alaska amidst unspecified allegations of misconduct.

Brenda Nowatak, 24, has been indicted for her role in causing the death of Trefim Wassillie, Jr, 25, last September near Kokhanok.

In front of family and friends, thirteen seniors of the class of 2013 crossed the stage and took "the first step" towards future endeavors.

The mineral exploration company hopes to convince an investing partner to fund further exploration for gold and copper deposits at three sites.

Round trip tickets between Anchorage and Dillingham or King Salmon look to be priced at $485 this year.


Over the next 20 weeks, Paul Liedberg will periodically check three beetle traps in Dillingham, helping forestry officials monitor for invasive pests.

On Monday, Matthew Gust, 32, pleaded guilty to attempted sexual assault of a female in Dillingham last summer. He was sentenced to three years in jail.