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Another 1.7 million in the bins helps push the total run to 45 million. If the upper eastside forecast proves true, there still may be a long tail that takes this run well past 50 million for the third year in a row. Boats are crowding into Ugashik and the Kvichak to see this thing through!

Caitlin Tan / KDLG

Bristol Bay tops the preseason forecast, and when the Kvichak tower tallied the 2,000,000th fish today, all rivers (but the usually late Togiak) have met their escapement goals. Differing opinions on how big this run might go, and what kind of tail that large Naknek-Kvichak will get to fish. Were these lag days indicated in Port Moller, and are there more coming? Better yet, are these slower days letting the buyers get ahead of the game?

Mann, 55, of Puyallup, WA, pleaded guilty to all 19 counts in Anchorage federal court Wednesday. He remains free on bail, but faces up to 20 years in prison after he is sentenced in December.

Dr. Curry Cunningham, UW-FRI

The Nush goes all time big and the run is beating its preseason forecast sometime today. Catches have slimmed out a little, and boats head east for a big finale. Egegik and Nushagak fishermen have had a heck of a season ... will Ugashik and Naknek Kvichak catch up?

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The run goes to 38 million, and at some point today a westside sockeye caught in a net or counted by a tower pushed the Nushagak district's total run to an all time high. Tonight, Icicle's Warner Lew chimes in on today's activity and his faith in Port Moller's numbers that more fish are on the way. Plus we explore the shoreside labor issues with some disgruntled workers that didn't make it, and BBEDC's Norm Van Vactor on how "significant" this problem has been in 2017.

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It's deja vu (all over again) as the fleet rakes in another 2 million fish for their struggling buyers to process. The transfer times to Egegik and Nushagak are waived, and Ugashik and Naknek-Kvichak are only halfway to their forecast size. Port Moller shows a little bump ... how big a tail does this run have?

Sarah Grace Durrance

The total run shoots to 32 million, and the Kvichak and Ugashik Rivers still have a lot of fish coming, if the preseason forecast is correct. Even with most of the fleet on processor catch limits, the Saturday haul was still another 2 million sockeye. How big is 2017 going to?

Sarah Grace Durrance

Good catches posted all over the Bay with another 2 million harvested Friday. Naknek-Kvichak gets more fishing time Saturday, and Ugashik is finally seeing some good numbers. The total run is over 29 million, and the boats are heading east for the finale.

Sarah Grace Durrance

Will the Nushagak District set an all time record this year? Big catches posted all around the Bay Thursday, with the five district total more than 2.3 million sockeye. The total run goes to 26 million. Will the missing Kvichak fish push the run to its total forecast in the days ahead?

Caitlin Tan / KDLG

The Bay's buyers continue to struggle to keep up with this week's harvest. Will they be ready for the runs to the Kvichak and Ugashik Rivers, which have been slow to show? The total run is past 22 million, more than halfway to the preseason forecast of 41.5 million. The Nushagak and Wood Rivers are not showing any signs of slowing down, recording another huge tally of escapement to each while much of the fleet fishes on limits.


Police arrest two teenage fishermen from Eagle River for allegedly taking pickup truck to drive "brodies" out in the Waskey Road gravel pit.

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Bristol Bay processors buckle under back to back huge harvests, just as the Naknek-Kvichak finally gets going. Another 2.6 million on the books July 4, pushing the season total harvest to 12.2 million. Still more than half way to go, if the preseason forecast holds. Genetics from PMTF July 2-3 catches show a bump to Naknek-Kvichak, and after a huge days of catches there Tuesday, the nets were a little sparse today. The beginning of the end?


Dillingham Police and Alaska State Troopers fielding more calls than usual, with almost all criminal activity related to alcohol.

Sarah Grace Durrance

Happy 4th of July: Bristol Bay's run explodes like the 'bombs bursting in air' over Fort McHenry in 1812. Monday's catch was a staggering 3.1 million sockeye as the total run pushes to 14 million. Several processors are plugged up, including the Bay's new titan Silver Bay Seafoods. The Nushagak sets a new single day record for the second time this season ... how long will it go?

Nick Ciolino / KDLG

Egegik posts a huge harvest Sunday, and the Nushagak explodes again, sinking nets and sinking at least one vessel (all crew were accounted for). Naknek-Kvichak goes into the water today, and Ugashik tomorrow. At least two processors are struggling to keep up as the total run gets to 10 million.