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KDLG: A Chignik Lagoon man is serving a ten year jail sentence for the sexual abuse of a young child.

Larry Pete McCormick, 52, was charged with first degree sexual abuse of a minor last fall, after a state trooper investigation. Troopers were alerted to the abuse in August, and charged McCormick by September.

The disturbing abuse occurred when McCormick agreed to watch young children for a night in Chignik Lagoon. The victim said she woke up while being molested, and was able to get away from the perpetrator.


This winter, when he was near rock bottom, Jonathan Jeremy Larson of Dillingham checked himself into a 28-day inpatient treatment center in Seattle. After that he lived in a sobriety house until he was ready to come back to his life in Dillingham. He's now been clean for four months, and knows there is a long road ahead to beat the addictions that nearly cost him everything. Larson is humble about his journey, but wants to share with others what he has learned so far about getting and staying clean. 


This week, an update on a deal between EPA and Pebble. Graduating seniors share thoughts through poetry and prose, we profile a local entrepreneur, and a young man shares his story of addiction and recovery. 

Settlement announced Friday morning. Anticipating the news, Pebble opponents took to the streets Thursday in Dillingham with a loud message of "Fish First, Pebble Never."

KDLG: Dillingham police arrested a young man on charges of assault, robbery, and criminal mischief this week.

The new charges add to a growing criminal history for Reece Johnson, 22, who last year was accused of shooting his friend in the back and also helping steal more than a dozen firearms from an area home.  

Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game

Two buyers and eight seiners left Togiak and fished two openers in Port Moller this week. A total of 1465 tons were landed, with an avg. roe reported around 12 percent and avg. weights above 450 grams.

Alex W. Savo, 25, originally of Naknek, pleaded guilty May 1 and was ordered to serve a two year sentence. His co-conspirator, Taylor Lack, 21, of Wasilla, is scheduled to plead Friday.

Public health nurse Gina Carpenter hosting the free, hour long classes starting Tuesday night at 5:30. The courses continue Wednesday and Thursday, and again on Thursday May 18, all at the Bristol Bay Campus.

Tom Collier, the CEO of Pebble Limited Partnership, joined Bristol Bay and Beyond Friday to discuss the new advisory committee raising eyebrows, and offer an update on the FACA case he says will probably resolved out of court with EPA within a week.

Tonya O'Connor, who has more than a decade of experience as the Dillingham court clerk and deputy magistrate, is now officially the Magistrate Judge and Clerk of Court.

Warner Lew / Icicle Seafoods

With just over a hundred tons left to fish, ADF&G calls it a season for Togiak purse seine fleet. No price given yet. Around 15 gillnetters still fishing, with about 6,000 tons left in their quota.

On Thursday we snuck behind the scenes as the Dillingham Drama Club ran through a dress rehearsal of "Annie, Jr." Catch the performances Saturday at 4:00 p.m. and Sunday at 3:00 p.m. at the D.E.S. 


An update as Togiak seiners near their quota, Pebble CEO Tom Collier on proposed advisory committee and coming plans, a visit to Igiugig's "Goose Camp", new Magistrate Tonya O'Connor, and backstage at Annie.


Ty Anthony Moore, 26, pleads guilty to being a felon in possession of a firearm, has heroin dealing charge dropped. Ordered to serve one year in jail, but first freed to fish in Bristol Bay this summer.


Kim Williams, long the executive director of one of Pebble's staunchest opponents, let go after Nunamta's board said she signed on to an advisory role with Pebble. Williams and Pebble yet to confirm. "My opinion on the project has not changed," Williams said.