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With final tally from fish tickets, Bristol Bay's westside district officially reached a milestone most never thought possible.

Tim Sands, ADF&G

Board generated proposal 236 aims to shift three percent of allowable harvest of herring stock from Togiak sac roe fishery to Dutch Harbor food and bait quota. “I’m dumbfounded as to why they would circumvent the public process,” said Frank Woods, Togiak herring gillnetter and Nushagak Fish and Game Advisory chairman. 


Univ. of Washington biologists predict a 47.6 million total run (compared to ADF&G's 51.3 million), forecasting smaller return to the Nushagak, but slightly larger to Ugashik and Naknek-Kvichak, than the state.

Floyd Jay Mann, 56, seeks quick return to society so he can get to work compensating his victims for their losses. U.S. District Court Judge Timothy Burgess will hear arguments and hand down a sentence during two days of hearings next week in Anchorage.

Dillingham police were called to a Kanakanak Road residence late Monday, Nov. 27, on a report that 34-year-old John Nicholson was intoxicated, shooting a handgun off in the house, and threatening others.

DPD said the responding officer was denied entry that night, but several officers went back the following day with a warrant. No one, DPD said, had been injured by the shooting.

The house, opposite of Chuthmok Road, serves as a summer home for fisherman Doc Nicholson, the defendant’s father.

Billy M. Peterson, 27, was arrested Thursday on a charges of second- and third-degree sexual assault. The alleged rape occurred just after midnight. 

The criminal complaint was filed by state troopers in Dillingham, but investigated by local law enforcement. Two village police officers in New Stuyahok were able to interrupt the incident.


Bristol Bay Brailer has doubled their orders over the past two years. “I think we knew it was going to take off, but didn’t think it was going to go this quickly,” said manager Diane Hill. “But it’s going well, it’s still manageable, and it’s a lot of fun!”

Borough planner Becky Savo installed as interim manager after Monday’s special meeting.


McDowell study, commissioned by the BBRSDA, highlights high value of Bristol Bay’s 2017 catch, hints that next year is looking good so far, too.

Ravn Alaska

Airline considering adding some additional routes in Southwest Alaska, including Dillingham, King Salmon, and Dutch Harbor.


Malcolm Vance of Glennallen, who fishes the F/V Bristol Nymph in Egegik, took the win after he donned a survival suit in 57 seconds at the Pacific Marine Expo.


Alaskan Leader, which partners with the Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation, fishes four freezer longliners in and around the Bering Sea. Last Saturday at the Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle, its Seafoods division received awards for its new lemon herb butter cod and a pet treat made from cod byproduct.


Mega-buyer to bring legendary John Lowrance back to Bristol Bay, improve food and living conditions at the Naknek plant, add a second four-station tender, aim for a final 2017 price of $1.50, and hopefully drop 50 boats before next summer.

Friends, family and colleagues gathered at the end of July to celebrate the life of Matt Price, who died a year ago this week in a cabin fire in King Salmon. Over the twenty years he spent guiding clients, Price became an icon for how to fish and fellowship properly during a Bristol Bay summer.

Sarah Grace Durrance

The 2018 forecast also calls for the largest return ever to the Nushagak District: 21.8 million. Naknek Kvichak: 16.6 million; Egegik: 9.1 million; Ugashik: 2.9 million; Togiak: 860,000.