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Since June, an increasing number of New Stuyahok homes have been dealing with low or no water pressure. It is unclear when water will be restored.

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Glen Szymoniak comes to Dillingham from the North Slope Borough School District, where he was superintendent for two years.

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Karen Kapatak of Koliganek will begin teaching kindergarten and first grade at the school in her hometown this fall.

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Three Bristol Bay students traveled to Anchorage at the end of June to participate in a camp put on by Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program.

Stormi K. Joachim

Someone dumped hundreds of processed fish carcasses by Ralph's Road in Naknek. Bristol Bay Borough police are investigating this littering case.

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Koliganek and New Stuyahok are still waiting on their first barge of the year. Heating fuel use for residents and businesses in New Stuyahok is limited.

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Red salmon hit subsistence nets hard in Koliganek this summer, but so far they are pulling in very few king salmon.


A new walrus haulout site between Ugashik and Egegik is more accessible to tourists than traditional Bristol Bay haulout sites. Pilots and lodges in the area are both trying to utilize and protect this opportunity.

photo courtesy of Karyn Marxmiller

On her first trip to Bristol Bay in 26 years, Karyn Marxmiller planned to assist her husband and sons' commercial fishing operation from shore. She ended up fishing for a week.

While problems with water pressure persist in New Stuyahok, the city has identified the problem's cause and hopes to fix the broken pipe by the end of the week.


The Bristol Bay Borough School District is putting $3.6 million from the borough to work renovating the school.

Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game

Boats reported to be too heavily loaded with sockeye had problems overnight, though exactly what happened to whom is still unclear. State officials say all are accounted for, and no significant spills appear to have been caused.

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A USDA grant will fund the state coordinator position for the Farm to School program for two years. Getting more locally grown produce into Bristol Bay schools will be a primary focus.


About 2200 bears live in Katmai National Park and Preserve. The popular webcam, which attracts thousands of viewers daily, gives people a close look at bears' behavior.

The city began receiving reports of problems with water pressure on Friday. Water in the storage tanks is low, but New Stuyahok anticipates that the tanks will refill in the next few days and pressure will be restored.