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In keeping with a pattern that repeats a handful of times every year, Cleveland Volcano is building pressure and will likely erupt soon. Scientists at the AVO say that it could be a matter of days or months.

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Dillingham gardeners say that an uptick in slimy pests in recent years is making growing greens more difficult.

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Tanalian School senior, Callen Davis ran his 5K at 16:46, coming in fifth out of 145 runners in the cross country state championship.

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Newhalen's community garden is in its third year.  The pop-up produce market was a new addition this summer.


Three of the five members of Dillingham’s school board are not running for re-election in October. Two say that it is because of the large time commitment serving on the board requires.

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Unglu is Igiugig's Yup'ik immersion pre-kindergarten program where toddlers are learning their native language through song, dance and play.

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More than 50 walkers, bicyclers and joggers participated in Tony's Run on Sunday to support Dillingham's law enforcement and SAFE.

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In 1931, a Smithsonian anthropologist excavated the bones of 24 men, women and children from a village site near Igiugig. After eight decades in the museum's collection, those remains were reburied near their original places of rest.

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Runners from Port Alsworth placed first in three of four categories at the cross country meet in Dillingham on Saturday.

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In more than 50 years of experience with medicine in Alaska, Dan O'Connell has gained the respect of the community and his colleagues for his commonsense approach to medicine and his rigorous commitment to daily fitness.

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Larry Nunn Jr. died in a 2010 construction accident, building a road from HUD housing to downtown Dillingham. Family and friends dedicated a memorial to Nunn this weekend.

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Beginning Sept. 17, the village of Igiugig will eat only traditional foods, locally raised foods and oatmeal for six weeks.

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With the funds in place to develop a museum exhibit about the 122-year-old NN Cannery in South Naknek, the project's next step is developing funding for research.

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The Lake and Peninsula Started school Sept. 5, later than any other Bristol Bay area school district.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game

The program, which NOAA oversees, is funded by money from tariffs on seafood imported to the U.S.