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Clark's Point School will reopen on August 21. It has been closed for five years because it did not meet the 10-student minimum enrollment set by the state. Thirteen students are registered for this school year.


So far no reports of injuries in large fire that continues to burn at large, remote salmon processing plant on the Alaska Peninsula.  One dock was cut away, and production facilities heavily damaged according to on-the-ground reports.

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Cynthia Rogers is the new director of the University of Alaska Fairbanks Bristol Bay Campus. Debi McLean stepped down from the position in June after 15 years as director.

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A three-day culture camp in Clark's point concluded Thursday as students danced to traditional songs about akutaq and the northern lights. They used dance fans and drums they made during the week.

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Dillingham police found Mary Tilden was in possession of one dose of heroin during the July 29 drug bust on the F/V Andy O. At a hearing Wednesday, the possession charge was dropped in return for a plea to violating terms of her probation.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Dave Crowley, area management biologist for Game Management Units 9 and 10, says fall hunters can anticipate increased caribou populations and, consistent with previous years, low moose density.

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One special education position is all that remains to be filled this year for the Dillingham City School District.

After about a month of dealing with low or no water pressure, the water storage tank in New Stuyahok is refilled, and the city water system is running normally again.

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Amy Arnold arrived in Ekwok two weeks ago. So far she is the only teacher on staff for the school, which has 17 students enrolled this year. She will also serve as principal.

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A beluga whale was harvested Sunday evening near Dillingham. It was the whole hunting party’s first time to take a beluga. 

Daniel Schindler

This summer animals gorged themselves on caterpillars while the caterpillars gorged themselves on alder and willow. That resulted in fat gulls, trout and bears and in defoliated vegetation.

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It has been a low water summer on the Nushagak River. Even with late-July rains, the two villages furthest upriver are still waiting on their first barge deliveries.


Earlier this month, seven area middle school students spent five days on Cape Peirce, a remote area within the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge. While they adventured, they learned about wildlife biology, traditional uses of plants and art.

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Qualified subsistence users will be able to hunt the Nushagak Peninsula caribou herd starting August 1. Initially the limit will be three caribou per hunter, but the refuge manager says that the limit may be raised mid-season.

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At a 30-day wellness camp hosted at Ekwok Lodge, participants fought alcohol and drug addiction with fishing and berry picking. Friday was graduation day.