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US Fish & Wildlife Service, R/V Tiglax

Bogoslof volcano has a new lava dome. Cleveland volcano continues to put up ash and extrude lava, and the alert level for Pavlof volcano was raised to "advisory."


When schools start back up in the fall, administrative positions will see some shuffling of staff around the bay.


Fred Tom Hurley III, 25, is accused of assaulting a woman at her Ekwok home in June of 2016.

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Dillingham turned out on Sunday to remember those who have lost their lives fishing and to pray for the coming season.

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For her doctoral dissertation, Yoko Kugo is visiting old village sites, speaking with elders and taking pictures to document the traditional names of places around the lake.

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Four Dillingham residents are starting hives this spring. Unlike many in Alaska, they aim to keep their bees alive throughout the winter.

Stacy Hill

In an effort to keep their village clean and the landfill from becoming full, Igiugig regularly flies out plastic bottles and aluminum cans. Last year they backhauled 55,000 pounds of scrap metal. 


Aleutian tern counts have declined at their nesting sites in Alaska in recent years. Researchers are working to tag the birds with radio transmitters before they nest. That way they can determine whether the birds are nesting in new places or whether the bird's population is actually declining.

Kara Hilwig/ Togiak National Wildlife Refuge

Pilot-biologist Kara Hilwig took it upon herself to identify the brown moth species that is flying all around the town and tundra.


Dillingham Elementary School has decided to continue the system that allows parents to call the school and ask that their student be let off at a different bus stop than normal.

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Fo resigned as an ADF&G sport fish biologist this spring to pursue other life goals, including helping other people reach their fitness goals at his new gym in Dillingham. 

On Thursday, co-workers of James Schneider, 56, found the man's body face down in the mud beneath the Togiak Fisheries Cannery dock. 

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In April a group from Igiugig travelled to New Mexico and Arizona to share native dances, foods, and traditions with Zuni and Apache communities.

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Dillingham Elementary School is in the final year of a three year grant that has provided the means for students to dedicate the month of May to studying Alaska’s oceans.

Luke Brummer

Dillingham Elementary School is eliminating "blue notes" next year. If students need to be dropped off at a location other than their regular bus stop, then caregivers will have to provide transportation.