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A powerful Bering Sea cyclone will push strong westerlies into coastal Southwest Alaska Wednesday and especially Thursday. The storm will bring winds of 30-40 mph, with gusts up to 60, and high seas and some storm surge along the coast are in the forecast as well.

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Wrestlers raised $800 Sunday to help cover team travel costs. The Angels will open their season at the Wolverine Classic in Dillingham on October 27.

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The City of Manokotak is still advancing its road-to-Dillingham proposal, even as the cost to build may be upwards of $100 million.


On Thursday, Pebble CEO Tom Collier is expected to roll out details of the company's smaller plan to mine the copper and gold deposit northwest of Iliamna. Bristol Bay's residents and leaders, including some of Pebble's loudest opponents, are gearing up to finally get a look behind the curtain of this proposed project.

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Dillingham gardeners say that an uptick in slimy pests in recent years is making growing greens more difficult.

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Tanalian School senior, Callen Davis ran his 5K at 16:46, coming in fifth out of 145 runners in the cross country state championship.

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Newhalen's community garden is in its third year.  The pop-up produce market was a new addition this summer.


The unexpected banner pink year filled a gap after the sockeye run came in well below expectations, and helped push the Chignik salmon fishery past and estimated $15 million in ex-vessel value.

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New city manager accepted the city council's offer and will move from Seldovia to Dillingham by Nov. 8. The retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel is "excited to get to Dillingham and work with the Mayor, City Council and Citizens to continue the momentum developed in the City.”


“It’s got a bit of a homey atmosphere, and you walk in and you smell fresh coffee and some cookies baking, and you know we just love on ‘em like their family would,” said Bobbie Overgaard, who has helped outreach to the thousands of seasonal workers who call Naknek home for two months every summer.


Three of the five members of Dillingham’s school board are not running for re-election in October. Two say that it is because of the large time commitment serving on the board requires.

The teenage boy was found in a skiff down by the city dock, slumped over next to an open can of gas troopers believe he was huffing. The state medical examiner will conduct an autopsy.

Fred Tom Hurley, III, 26, is being held in custody on six rape charges against two women. The young man from Ekwok had been out of custody less than two days before the alleged rapes occurred in Anchorage.

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Unglu is Igiugig's Yup'ik immersion pre-kindergarten program where toddlers are learning their native language through song, dance and play.

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More than 50 walkers, bicyclers and joggers participated in Tony's Run on Sunday to support Dillingham's law enforcement and SAFE.