City of Manokotak implements fish tax

Jul 18, 2017

Manokotak implemented a fish tax this season as part of their annexation of Igushik.

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Glen Szymoniak comes to Dillingham from the North Slope Borough School District, where he was superintendent for two years.

Levelock stabbing under investigation as a homicide

Jul 17, 2017

Alaska State troopers responded Friday to a stabbing in Levelock.

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Karen Kapatak of Koliganek will begin teaching kindergarten and first grade at the school in her hometown this fall.

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Several big buyers post a $1/lb base price, the run shoots to 49 million, and the districts head to wide open or weekly schedules. As we wrap up our special coverage, ADF&G's Paul Salomone, Travis Ellison, and Tim Sands join for a preliminary recap of this incredible, historic year for the world's largest sockeye salmon fishery.

Sarah Grace Durrance

Sometime today someone in the Nushagak is catching the sockeye that will break the all time harvest record for the district, and boats are piling into Ugashik for the next million or so of the run. Bristol Bay's total run has shot past 47 million as river after river "over escapes." Thanks for your generous support during pledge drive week! We raised at least $60,000 in new contributions, and we're not even sure what's coming in on fish tickets.

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Another 1.7 million in the bins helps push the total run to 45 million. If the upper eastside forecast proves true, there still may be a long tail that takes this run well past 50 million for the third year in a row. Boats are crowding into Ugashik and the Kvichak to see this thing through!

City ice machine still down due to electrical problem

Jul 14, 2017
Allison Mollenkamp

Port Director Jean Barrett hopes the machine will be fixed in time for silver season.

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Bristol Bay tops the preseason forecast, and when the Kvichak tower tallied the 2,000,000th fish today, all rivers (but the usually late Togiak) have met their escapement goals. Differing opinions on how big this run might go, and what kind of tail that large Naknek-Kvichak will get to fish. Were these lag days indicated in Port Moller, and are there more coming? Better yet, are these slower days letting the buyers get ahead of the game?

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The total run to the Nushagak  in Bristol Bay has surpassed the all time record for the district. Those who have spent many, many decades fishing at Nushagak Point weigh in on the unprecedented season.

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More people in Bristol Bay during the summer means more patients seeking care at the Camai Health Clinic.

Setnetters in the Wood River special harvest area are able to catch their daily two thousand pound limit with relative ease, during the record sockeye run in the Nushagak District.

Mann, 55, of Puyallup, WA, pleaded guilty to all 19 counts in Anchorage federal court Wednesday. He remains free on bail, but faces up to 20 years in prison after he is sentenced in December.

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Three Bristol Bay students traveled to Anchorage at the end of June to participate in a camp put on by Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program.

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Someone dumped hundreds of processed fish carcasses by Ralph's Road in Naknek. Bristol Bay Borough police are investigating this littering case.