Troopers and volunteers from Perryville searched for missing man for days, finding him alive Monday about a half mile from his house.


The Nels and the Martins moved into new HUD houses in Togiak, on lots provided by the village corporation. BIA and regional housing authorities are trying to make it cheaper and easier for qualified individuals to own homes in Alaska.

Why do Bush Democrats caucus with the Republicans?

Sep 9, 2016
Alaska State Library

Democratic legislators have a long history of joining Republican-led legislative majorities. To understand why Alaska is so different, it pays to go back to the 1960s.

Walter Shade, 30, dies in state custody

Sep 8, 2016

A man at the Wildwood Correctional Complex died by apparent suicide Tuesday afternoon, though his death is still under investigation.

VPO shot, suspect dead by own hand in Chevak

Sep 8, 2016

VPO Derrick McDonald medevaced with non-life threatening injuries. Harold Paniyak, 24, died instantly Wednesday evening.

Petersburg fisherman catches salmon shark while gill netting

Sep 8, 2016
Abbey Collins / KFSK

Uncommon catch was donated to school for science class dissection.


Andy Straley and his son Leroy say they disrupted drug users trespassing at what should have been a vacant home Wednesday, and want to see more community policing.


Held without bail until a Superior Court arraignment in Anchorage on Sept. 14 for alleged violations of felony probation. Community members present on account of suspected ties to heroin sales.

courtesy Dillingham Police

After a tip, Christian Young taken peacefully into custody in the Nerka subdivision.

AK Legislature

Alaska Democrats say they have incumbent Bryce Edgmon's back in a race against newcomer William Weatherby for the district 37 House seat.

Luke Brummer / KDLG

Christian A Young, 24, of Anchorage, is wanted on a robbery charge and suspected of trafficking heroin into Bristol Bay.


Saturday, 10 a.m.:  DPD and AST have not been able to apprehend Christian A. Young, a known heroin dealer from Anchorage, who fled capture on foot Friday afternoon.


Five dead after RAVN Cessna Caravan and Renfro's Super Cub crashed outside of Russian Mission Wednesday.

Eric Andrew Tallekpalek, 21, arrested, told authorities he was drunk but thought the sex with his 14-year-old relative was ‘consensual.’

New Bristol Bay sockeye logo launches

Aug 31, 2016

The newest representation of Bristol Bay sockeye is a seven-sided geometrical shape with a single-line salmon head inside it.