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House oversight committee calling Region 10 Administrator Dennis McLerran to testify on agency efforts surrounding Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment and 404(c) determination.


Stolen Toyota Corolla found rolled on Waskey Road after it was stolen late Saturday or early Sunday. A Dillingham police vehicle also rolled while looking for it.

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BBNC expanding footprint in region's tourism industry with buyout of major bear viewing, sport fishing operation in Katmai.


Forget rented limousines, these Southwest Alaska high schoolers take chartered flights for the year's biggest (often only) dance in Newhalen.

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The theme of the three-day event was "My Responsibility: To Honor My People and Respect My Environment." 

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The Wolverines earned 41 points, led by first-place wins by Jacinto George, Sadie Tuckwood, Justin Dye, and Britney Dray. 

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We visit Newhalen to see a hydro electric plant and check-in on the Lake and Peninsula prom; as the nights get long, the Legislature gets weird; and back in Dillingham, there was a pop-up skatepark on Monday and another sign of spring is here: the annual musical.

Dillingham Student Broadcasters

Dillingham's Sadie Tuckwood and Justin Dye won the wrist carry on the first day of the statewide Native  Youth Olympics competition.

Dept. of Fish and Game

First 15 tons hauled in by one seiner Tuesday, with roe yield sampled at 15 percent. That was good news for a fleet and industry caught flatfooted by the herring's record early arrival.


A new 20-member task force will come up with policy recommendations to help the state address it's growing heroin problem.

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Egegik’s incinerator burned down Tuesday night, but a quick community response kept any additional area from burning.

Dillingham City School District

Dillingham students participated in a statewide gathering of more than 300 student government representatives earlier this month.

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Everyone agrees that kids need to move, but some educators are concerned about a bill that would mandate physical activity at school every day. 

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Alaska Legislature going long, herring early at Togiak, a drifter weighs in on flood fishing, Bristol Bay Native Association has a new Director of Natural Resources and Togiak residents talk struggles and successes.

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The City Council gave the Refuge the go-ahead to make plans for building a new office on the Carlson property; meanwhile, the Refuge is trying to "exhaust efforts" to buy the building they're currently renting.