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Seamless rubber boot offers updated features to "celebrate the athlete in fishermen," says Grundens USA president Mike Jackson. Can Grundens cut into XtraTufs' cornered market for fishing footwear? 

Skip Gray/Gavel Alaska

"The easy choices have already been made. Now we are at the juncture were with or without the public’s consent we have to make some tough choices. If we don’t make those tough choices today, the future of not just our smaller communities but Alaska’s whole is going to be approaching the tipping point here.”

National Park Service

NPS historian John Branson joins to discuss volume three of a planned four volume collection of Dick Proenneke's journals. From the early 1980s, after publication of One Man's Wilderness, Proenneke responds to letters and visitors to his home on Twin Lakes on what was by then Lake Clark National Park and Preserve. 


The hour long ICYMI edition: we revisit a few stories from 2016, including the two billionth salmon, a dramatic sea rescue, the hard to witness death of two gray whales, plus prom, walrus, poetry, and more.

State of Alaska DNR

Citing high number of public comments to log and review, DNR has extended the current permit by three months but delayed deciding on full two year renewal.


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KUCB: Seven people have been charged in a major crackdown on methamphetamine distribution in Unalaska.

KYUK staff

The marijuana business in Alaska is still young and in rural Western Alaska, untested. How state and federal regulations under President-elect Trump will co-exist is still to be seen.

Avery Lill/ KDLG

Matfie McCarr has been homeless since 2002, one of just a few in town who call the streets home. It's been his choice to live this way, he says, though he's not always proud of how he got here.

Susie Jenkins-Brito

This week, a portrait of life on the streets. Plus, what Dick Proenneke's journals reveal about his life after fame. Speaker Bryce Edgmon joins to talk tough choices, a poem from Kokhanok, and Christmas bread.

Two teams of snowmachine searchers set out Thursday morning looking for Marcus Wyagon, who was believed to be walking to Dillingham. He was treated for cold exposure at the village clinic.

Julianna Nicholson

Just days after its two year anniversary, owner Andrew Berkoski closed doors till the spring. He’s looking for a buyer to sell the business to, but says he’ll open either way come May.

Susie Jenkins-Brito

Host Susie Jenkins-Brito has a perfect dessert for the holidays, "best served with a hot cup of coffee in hand, maybe brewed with a few dashes of cardamom in the beans, and a wisp of cream stirred in."

Jeremy Hsieh / KTOO

"Bringing back strong economic opportunity, and it is a theme that I think a lot of the president-elect's cabinet selections are focused on, and I think that's good thing," Sullivan says on priorities.

Office of Gov. Bill Walker

Judge Pat Douglass had a front row seat as state's criminal justice reforms, SB 91, rolled out over past few months. She says while she agrees with the underlying philosophy, the mechanics have been lacking.