Father Michael Nicolai has been suspended from his duties at the Russian Orthodox church after allegations of domestic violence and attempted sexual assault. 

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report July 22, 2016

Jul 22, 2016
courtesy Michelle Ravenmoon

The run hit the pre-season point forecast Thursday, harvest is well beyond what was expected, and….we’re ready for a break. For our fortieth and final show, we take a look back. 


Nathan G. Wegner, 31, and Brandi N. Smith, 27, were found in possession of more than 23 grams of heroin and $6700 cash Thursday at Peterson Point. Wegner escaped custody Friday, but was recaptured within the hour. 

Bristol Bay, you’ve harvested 34 million fish this summer, and the catch keeps going. No limits, sunny days, but a few still ask: is it worth it?


When the commercial fleet caught the 10,033,455 salmon this season on July 6, it marked the two billionth fish harvested since 1884. Who gets credit? Everybody, of course.

A new study centers on Katmai bears, but it's the people watching them both in the park and online who are the focus. Researchers are looking at how watching wildlife changes attitudes toward conservation.

Berry Bounty Comes Early

Jul 21, 2016

Berry pickers around Bristol Bay have noticed an early pop to this season’s crop. Is it an early year, or part of a longer-term trend? 

Courtesy of Katie Ringsmuth

Should a second piece of Bristol Bay's commercial fishing history be added to the National Register of Historic Places? That's the question some historians have set out to answer.

A convoluted murder investigation is underway in the remote Alaska Peninsula village of Ivanof Bay. 

Courtesy of Katie Ringsmuth

The Bristol Bay total run through Tuesday -- 44.4 million. Will Wednesday be the day we hit Fish and Game’s forecast? While we wait to find out, we fast-forward to the plan for pinks and silvers, and take a trip back in time to the APA cannery in South Naknek.

Dillingham Police Dept.

An intoxicated Fred T. Hurley III, 24, alleged to have broken into VPSO building, forced entry into a home, exposed himself to a woman, kicked and punched troopers, and tried to kick the door of the plane open enroute back to Dillingham. 

Cate Gomez/KDLG

Ugashik, you broke the "since we started counting" catch record. Baywide, the total run is climbing toward the pre-season forecast. And another major processor joins the 75-cent club.


One company posts a price of .75/lb, plus a .15 cent chilling bonus. Tonight, reaction on that price, and analysis of the run so far and what's to come. 

Hoops, Faith and Fun

Jul 18, 2016

A world-traveling basketball camp has made its way to Dillingham this week. 

The Simple (Subsistence) Life

Jul 18, 2016

Locals around Bristol Bay know the importance of subsistence fishing and the broader subsistence lifestyle. KDLG's Shaylon Cochran, having spent several years in Kenai, was somewhat familiar with what subsistence means. But has found this summer that the actual experience means a lot more once you’ve lived it.