Just in time for a sunny Memorial Day weekend, Dillingham gas prices at record low for the past decade.

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School's out! A Dillingham principal says goodbye, students in South Naknek hop a plane to school, graduating seniors reflect on high school highs and lows, and more. 

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Hiring committee, superintendent put premium on prior administrative experience; some say that makes it too difficult for local teachers to pursue admin ambitions without moving elsewhere.


No more free week, a loophole closed in Togiak, and a change for d-boats are among the 2016 changes

Based on plea deal, Michael Poulsen, 23, will serve a flat one year sentence for fourth degree assault.

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An economics research project is looking at what happened to the Bristol Bay salmon fishing permits initially issued to watershed residents.


The process for considering changes to state fisheries regulations will stay the same for the time being.

A conference in Oklahoma this summer will bring together students from across the nation to discuss leadership and other issues, and the United Tribes of Bristol Bay is recruiting students from the region to attend.

UTBB Education and Outreach coordinator Heidi Kritz said the event will include keynote speakers, leadership workshops, and a career and education expo.

“This is a great opportunity for Bristol Bay youth in grades 10-12 to build leadership skills, learn about culture preservation, environmental awareness, healthy lifestyles and community service,” she said.


This summer, fresh sockeye sent to 1,500 groceries stores around the country will have a Bristol Bay logo on the package.

Andrew Suskuk, Jr., 34, booked on first degree sexual assault charge after alleged rape of passed out woman in Dillingham late Saturday.


The removal of $11 million from the Senate's capital budget is another disappointment for the Bristol Bay Borough School District, after the state decided not to reimburse a voter-approved school bond last year. 

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Swallows and other "aerial insectivores" are declining nationwide, which is why researchers around Alaska are ramping up efforts to monitor tree swallows using special nest boxes. 


  An Aleknagik man is being charged with drunk driving after a single-vehicle crash that totaled a car at the Airport Y in Dillingham.

A snapshot of the estimated $100 million tourism industry in Bristol Bay, which brings in tens of thousands of fishermen, hunters, rafters, and wildlife viewers each year.