General Manger

Are you a program or ops director, looking to step into more management? Are you in management now but long for a little more time behind the board? Or someone with a breadth of broadcast experience who is looking for a mix of new challenges? We’re looking for you. In an effort to trim costs (for the time being), we’ve combined the Program Director and General Manager positions into one, giving the right person a lot of room to use his or her skills to make KDLG a little better every day. (Our longtime GM, recently retired, still handles some grant reporting and engineering duties by contract.)

KDLG has an AM and FM station, the former stretching out all around Bristol Bay and serving as a primary source of news, information, and entertainment in villages near and far. The FM, limited in range primarily to Dillingham, has more “news and blues.” For many of our listeners, we are the only station on the dial, and the most trusted source of up-to-date news and information. As GM, the station will be looking to you to manage daily programming tasks, keep us engaged with the community, and guide new fundraising. Alaska is a great place to be involved in public radio, and the rewards of living and working in Bristol Bay are many.

Full job description is available below.