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Dillingham turned out on Sunday to remember those who have lost their lives fishing and to pray for the coming season.

Frank Woods has a tender side

Jun 3, 2017

Longtime Bristol Bay skipper enjoying the change of pace that tendering fish brings, as well as the added local jobs he can provide.

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Harbor Master Jean Barrett expects to put the infrastructure into place by early next week, after crews finish pumping out an estimated 80,000 cubic yards of sediment.

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Run size, which should allow a harvest of over 27 million, is about on average for the past ten years. A lower harvest here and elsewhere may translate to a higher value for the catch. 


Bristol Bay fishery managers are seeing common mistakes and finding records of infractions committed during last year's commercial fishing season in Bristol Bay.


Ugashik fleet will fish inside a line a little further south than usual to keep a buffer around newest Pacific walrus haulout in Bristol Bay.


The Nushagak River in western Bristol Bay supports an average catch of 60,000 kings between commercial, subsistence, and sport fisheries. Biologists expect it will meet its in-river escapement goal of 95,000 past the Portage Creek sonar this year, though ADF&G no longer issues an official forecast.

Halibut fishery kicks off in Bristol Bay

May 22, 2017

Federal managers are giving Bristol Bay longliners a small boost in their halibut quota this season, and state managers are now allowing the sale of cod, too. 

Copper River's "first fish" expected Friday

May 17, 2017

Delayed start to hyped salmon fishery due to projected low king run this year. ADF&G will open the fleet Thursday, and Alaska's most famed commercial salmon should arrive in Anchorage and Seattle Friday.

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A total of 17,513 tons of herring reported harvested in Togiak between the two gear groups this season. (ADF&G added 500 tons of "deadloss" to the seiners total.)

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Survey of processors shows number of chilled deliveries has climbed from 24 percent in 2008 to 71 percent in 2016, the highest on record. Stakeholders like BBRSDA point to a quality revolution underway in world’s largest sockeye fishery.   

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Three months ago, a crab boat went missing in the Bering Sea with no mayday signal. The search for the vessel and six onboard was ended a few days later, but the search for answers continues.

Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game

Two buyers and eight seiners left Togiak and fished two openers in Port Moller this week. A total of 1465 tons were landed, with an avg. roe reported around 12 percent and avg. weights above 450 grams.

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With just over a hundred tons left to fish, ADF&G calls it a season for Togiak purse seine fleet. No price given yet. Around 15 gillnetters still fishing, with about 6,000 tons left in their quota.

Koggiung #5 back home in the Bay

May 2, 2017
Sharon Thompson

Fully restored 1932 double-ender sailboat on long term loan from Anchorage Museum to Bristol Bay Historical Society museum in Naknek.