Matt Martin/KDLG

City's waste now being burned, rather than buried, and it seems to be working smoothly.

Airport officials aim to keep birds out

May 1, 2015
Matt Martin/KDLG

Migratory birds are making their way up north and many are looking for a nice pond or lake to rest their wings. But they won’t find a warm welcome at the Dillingham Airport. 

High fire danger in Southwest Alaska, says state

Apr 29, 2015

Recent wildland fires in Dillingham and Togiak highlight dangerous period of human-caused fires prior to spring green-up.

Spirit of Youth Award

Dillon and Triston Chaney, brothers from Dillingham, have been nominated for the Spirit of Youth Award.

Matt Martin

Swans and other migratory birds are showing up early this year.

Lauri Jemison

Annenberg Foundation, zoos, aquariums, and others will help keep unique spot staffed and open despite state funding cuts.

Tracking wolves a tougher task without snow

Apr 8, 2015
National Park Service

Wildlife biologists say the lack of snow this spring makes bears and wolves more difficult to find.

Area biologists say it’s been a difficult spring to conduct surveys of bear and wolf populations. KDLG’s Matt Martin reports:

 Audio transcript: 

Pat Walsh is the Supervisory Fish and Wildlife Biologist at the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge. He says the difficulty comes from little snow in the refuge.

Wood Tikchik State Park

The boat ramp at Wood Tikchik State Park is open early. The cost for a launch pass has increased to $100 this year.

BJ Kirschhoffer/Polar Bears International

APRN:  As sea ice continues to retreat and polar bears spend more time on shore, one question lingers – can the world’s largest species of bears survive on land-based food? A new study says, “no.”

Arctic sea ice this year covered about half a million square miles less than average and started its retreat two weeks earlier than in past years. The earlier the ice retreats, the earlier polar bears will come ashore, which means they are spending more time on land.

AVO puts volcano near Adak back on watch

Mar 26, 2015

Semisopochnoi moved to an advisory alert level Wednesday.

Will migratory birds show up early?

Mar 24, 2015
Ryan Hagerty, US FWS

Spring weather has come early, and the spring migratory bird subsistence hunt opens in Bristol Bay next week.

Gasoline spill in Dillingham under control, says City

Mar 12, 2015

Alaska DEC being kept apprised of city's efforts to clean up approx. 242 gallons of gas spilled behind DPS building.

Bears out?

Mar 12, 2015
R. Wood, NPS

The poor winter may mean bears are waking up earlier but it could also make hunting them this spring more difficult.

Kijik Corporation has partnered with mining company AES to explore the Groundhog project near Nondalton.

Nushagak Caribou Hunt Hindered by Low Snow

Mar 3, 2015
Courtesy of Fish & Wildlife

With just one caribou reported so far, the winter's harvest will likely fall short of the season's 250-animal quota.

With a month left in the season, the Nushagak Peninsula caribou herd will likely go mostly un-hunted this winter. Listen to the story here: 

The winter caribou hunt on the Nushagak Peninsula began on December 1st. Togiak Refuge wildlife biologist Andy Aderman said hunters have reported just one caribou from the season. People traditionally access the peninsula by snow machine, he said.