Crime and Safety

"This could be a new beginning for you, or the beginning of the end for you, depending on the decisions you make," Judge Douglass told Keli Dumas.

DILLINGHAM:  A driver was arrested downtown Tuesday afternoon with a blood alcohol level more than three times the legal limit to be behind the wheel. 

The police say someone called in a report of a dangerous driver on the roads. Bryan Hodgson, 29, was arrested at about 5:00 pm Tuesday; a breath test showed a BAC of .261.  Hodgson was booked at the jail and arraigned Wednesday on a charge of driving under the influence.    

The police are asking anyone with information to call 842-5354.

DILLINGHAM:  Police arrested Mike Egeland, 33, Thursday evening on charges of criminal mischief, felony assault, and disorderly conduct.

Police dispatch had taken a report that an intoxicated man was standing in the middle of Little Larry Road, attacking vehicles. After investigating, the officer determined that Egeland had blocked traffic, forcing at least one vehicle to stop, at which point he approached the vehicle and smashed the windshield with his fist.

Egeland was taken to the Dillingham jail on $5,000 bail and arraigned Friday morning.

DILLINGHAM:  Brandon A. Rush, 19, of Naknek, is accused of stealing diesel fuel from the Glacier Construction yard at Leader Creek in Naknek late on December 16, then leading a police officer on a wild car chase. 

Bristol Bay Borough police said that Rush refused to pull his Chevy truck over, and turned off his headlights while driving recklessly on the dark night, endangering others. Eventually Rush tore across a field thick with alders to get away from an officer in pursuit.

Russian Mission Man Killed in Snowmachine Crash

Dec 26, 2013

from  KYUK:  A Russian Mission man died on Christmas Day after his snow machine crashed. Alaska State Troopers say Jeremy Wigley, 35, died in what is believed to be a single-vehicle crash. Wigley’s body was found Wednesday morning on the Russian Mission Lake.

Several hours earlier he had been drinking with his wife and friends. Troopers say Wigley and his wife had been arguing and he allegedly forced her onto his snow machine and drove off.

On Tuesday afternoon, Dillingham police served an arrest warrant on Kameron Nunn, 21, who had only recently come back to town.

The police allege that Nunn sexually abused a 14-year old girl in March of 2011. He’s been charged with second degree sexual abuse of a minor, a class B felony.

The police department says that Nunn moved away from town while they were investigating the case in 2011, and they had not had the opportunity to serve the warrant sooner.

Nunn was arraigned Tuesday, and is being held on $20,000 bail as per the warrant.

DILLINGHAM:  Last weekend Dillingham police arrested two people for allegedly stealing an iPad and holding it for ransom.

Austin Waldron, 19, of Manokotak and Holly Ruby, 28, of Dillingham were arrested and each charged with second degree theft, a class C felony.

The iPad owner claims the device went missing from a home where several young folks were staying over Friday night. Later in the day, the owner said she was contacted by Waldron and Ruby who said she could have the iPad back if she paid them $200.   

DILLINGHAM:  The VPSO in Kokhanok investigated a residential burglary last Friday. Apparently a 13-year-old broke a window to gain entry to the house, then rifled through personal belongings.

The damage was estimated at $600. Burglary, trespassing, and criminal mischief charges were forwarded to the Division of Juvenile Justice.

New Officers on Patrol at DPD

Dec 20, 2013

John Wahl and Dan Decker have joined the Dillingham Police Dept., each bringing decades of law enforcement experience to the job.

DILLINGHAM:  Leon J. Ayuluk, 45, of Dillingham, was arrested by Alaska State Troopers Thursday on a charge that he had failed to register as a sex offender. Troopers say he was under the influence of alcohol at the time of his arrest.

Ayuluk has a history of failing to register as a sex offender, beginning in 2006, less than three years after he was sentenced to five years in prison for a 2003 conviction on second degree sexual assault.

"All the hairs on my body stood up," said the victim, after Andy Larsen Jr., 47, pointed a rifle at her early on Tuesday morning.

Daniel Whittington, 22, and Llyod Davis, Jr., 38, are facing between 7-106 years behind bars for a vicious 2011 assault in Chignik Bay.

Man Assaults Another In Bethel, Threatens With Knife

Dec 17, 2013

KYUK, Bethel:  A Bethel man is facing felony charges for allegedly punching a man and assaulting another while he possessed a knife.

Harold Arnakin, 21, was arrested early Sunday, after police responded to a report of a disturbance. Officers found two people in a standoff, which they quickly separated.

An officer said that one of the victim's face was so swollen and bloody that he did not recognize him, despite several past encounters.

KYUK, BETHEL:  Erica Marcie Hoffman, 32, of Bethel, is facing seven felony charges for allegedly writing checks with another woman’s checkbook.  Police arrested Hoffman last Monday after an investigation into a string of bogus checks cashed around town.

According to police, seven checks totaling over $600 were written and cashed, mostly for groceries and gas.