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Daniel Whittington, 22, and Llyod Davis, Jr., 38, are facing between 7-106 years behind bars for a vicious 2011 assault in Chignik Bay.

Man Assaults Another In Bethel, Threatens With Knife

Dec 17, 2013

KYUK, Bethel:  A Bethel man is facing felony charges for allegedly punching a man and assaulting another while he possessed a knife.

Harold Arnakin, 21, was arrested early Sunday, after police responded to a report of a disturbance. Officers found two people in a standoff, which they quickly separated.

An officer said that one of the victim's face was so swollen and bloody that he did not recognize him, despite several past encounters.

KYUK, BETHEL:  Erica Marcie Hoffman, 32, of Bethel, is facing seven felony charges for allegedly writing checks with another woman’s checkbook.  Police arrested Hoffman last Monday after an investigation into a string of bogus checks cashed around town.

According to police, seven checks totaling over $600 were written and cashed, mostly for groceries and gas.

Derick Kroener of Dillingham was discovered dead at a Chugiak residence Saturday afternoon in Anchorage.  Kroener was 50. 

Anchorage Police were called to the scene, and classified the death as "undetermined or accidental". The state's medical examiner will conduct an autopsy and toxicology report.

Kroener was set to go to trial this month in Dillingham on charges stemming from a 2011 arrest for the possession and intent to distribute heroin. 

DILLINGHAM:  A Dillingham resident who parked his car in a pull out nine miles down Snake Lake Road on Sunday came back to the car later in the day to find all four tires had been intentionally flattened.

Happy holidays, the damage was estimated at $800.  

The state troopers are investigating, and hope someone will come forward with information about the case. Call AST in Dillingham at 842-5641.

Kora Golia, 31, was arrested Thursday. She's facing a felony charge because of her home's proximity to a school, in this case Head Start at BBNA.

2-Year Old Assaulted in Bethel, Man Arrested

Dec 5, 2013

A Bethel man is in custody for allegedly beating his two-year-old son. 

Police were called to a Bethel home early on a morning last week and found the toddler with visible facial wounds and a broken clavicle that would require medevac to Anchorage.

Police say the child was thrown on the ground and kicked multiple times by Maurice Andrews Sr., 30.  A strong odor of alcohol was noticed on Andrews at the time of his arrest.

Andrews was arraigned on a felony charge of assaulting a child under the age of ten. Bail was set at $5,000.

Jaron Vaughn Wassillie, 18, has been charged with felony assault after punching a 16-year-old boy in the face, causing a concussion and breaking several facial bones.

Robert Geerhart Jr. of Manokotak and Paul Hobson Jr of Kokhanok have each entered guilty pleas to "attempted" assault or abuse crimes on teenage girls this year.


Daniel A. Gonzales, 22, hired as a VPO on Oct. 12th, is charged with having sex with a 16-year-old girl in his police vehicle on Oct. 21st.

Despite two arrests last week, the police department says reports of sexual abuse of a minor have fallen each of the last four years.

Roy Kasak, 49, was arrested Friday on a charge that he kissed a fondled a 15-year old girl in his vehicle last August in Dillingham.

Ryan S. Andrew, 30, of Togiak was arrested Thursday in connection with an effort to import and sell R&R whiskey in the dry village.

Michael Kohler, 25, of Dillingham, apologized in court after his arrest Tuesday night. His blood alcohol level, .218, was nearly three times the legal limit to be behind the wheel.

12 bottles of Canadian Rich & Rare whiskey were seized from the luggage of Tasha Echuck, 20, as she boarded a plane to Togiak Tuesday.